Software Debris


Notes, week of January 15. Andy Warhol started the genre, but no one after (to her knowledge, which is limited) did variations of one.B315155D-F7F6-4FE7-B661-ED11B8639454.png


Today the entire world can do Variations because of the revolution in photography technology, software, sharing “platforms”. You’re pretty famous now for something or another, on youtube and twitter, many famous for more than fifteen minutes.

Talent is unnecessary in photography, interest only.

Warhol is the genius father of Variations of One, and transplanting style from one medium to another.

Note 2. Do not leave home without a hundred filters.


No page on this site will ever complete. There’s no finish, she’s always altering. Nothing to go to press, no heartbreaking final page sent to the printer.

On the internet, “pages” are refashioned, reassembled, and added to existing pages.

This is the internet, it’s iPhone, Adobe PS, it’s sloppy. It’s generous.