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1. All photography and retouch on this site by Jessie Carveth, unless noted.



2. There is no “private” account option available on wordpress. A group of children hired by wp monitor every utterly insignificant site.

3. To navigate this monitored site:

Laptops, site contents at the top of each page. D4FEF21D-C4CB-428E-B156-E34187BD6492

Handheld devices, menu is the 3-stripe box at top right corner. arrowblueupslant


4. Post-capture photo art (retouch, process) creates any amount of versions from one original capture. In retouch, the initial capture isn’t to document, it is used as foundation for many pictures:



Pages here are routinely revised, for example variations 10-20 might be replaced by var 24-30.

Not much on Mrs. Carveth’s 12th website is left in place where it started. Titles, words, fonts, clipart, profile pics, disclosures, opinions.

Away from the interent, she isn’t fixed in any location (unless it regards the four+ babies). In real life she doesn’t look the same from day to day, not on purpose. Something about variety (there is so much? don’t be wasteful with potential? Choice is not a burden.)


(Photo credits D and A)

Mrs. Carveth’s interns (Snap, Sennsory, and UberX) update 25x/hr, 3 hrs/day, 4 days/week.

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As prolific as she is profligate.

Nothing copyright. Mrs. Carveth doesn’t care what’s stolen, screenshot, saved, renamed.

Grab it, call it yours, whatever. She doesn’t care.

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Creates multiple versions of an initial capture in a very short amount of time, because photography isn’t paint and brushes, it’s a machine with a button, optional software.



9. Only very recently have professional, renowned photographers, and accountants, mothers, brothers, dentists, and everyone else in the world had access to photography technology, for both document and photo art.

What’s remarkable is how quickly those who become serious about any kind of photography achieve a level of skill that used to belong to professional photographers.


6. NEWERwy4

At the precipice of meaninglessness, Dominic stretches.


 OLDER trAnnual black and white


MUCH OLDER9959D029-69F5-437B-A95A-3EEE8150CF09


FOREWORD to “5 Stories” arrowrthand

5 Stories About Variations Photography arrowrthand




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