About “Your stats are soaring”

A Note From Automattic, Inc.:

Our staff of child spies


Proud member of the WordPress community, where a staff of do-gooder, callous child spies makes sure your (paid) site will be presented and exposed in as many revenue-generating ways as they can cook up. Ad space to present, you see. There are business sites that pay for other sites to be led to them.

“Direct traffic to your site”

You used to be left alone for an annual fee. Remember? Now you’re marketed in code  — “sharing”, “like”, “comment”, “stats”,  history,  tag, but, seriously? Who asked for this? Not the WordPress customer.

“Your stats are soaring”

Selling, propagating messages, ignorantly presenting old messages as discoveries, and worst of all–networking–now defines the internet. Mrs. Carveth is searching for a host respectful of customers, because now, instead of customer service there is cavalier dismissiveness. Is this the millenial capitalism, reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean bride auction?

She doesn’t want stats to soar, or stats, or to be accessible based on an imposed tag, looked at by the uninvited, lied to.

2018. “Private” means sold to EBay and Walmart. It means scanned, screenshot, and monitored. Strangers are encouraged to pounce when a page goes live. Your stats are soaring, you are notified based on algorithmic timer.

This pack of kids, a team of chirpy sadsacks under 33, monitor every utterly insignificant site, like this one.




































































































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