Photoshop You

Who’s always there when you want to take a picture or image edit?

You are.

Use yourself

Ignore the experts. They whine about the trashy state of art today, the world that would rather be art than look at art. What they’re complaining about is narcissism and exhibitionism but the truth is, narcissism in the other. Not their own.

It’s impossible to avoid being an exhibitionist. The options are to acknowledge and enjoy, acknowledge and be afraid, or deny, and be seen even more. in the effort to conceal.lne

2. A secret about most artists is that they don’t like anyone else’s art. I first heard this years ago from a friend, a great professional painter and book illustrator. She said no to the museum, all museums. It was the first time I heard, I don’t like art. I only like my art. (It’s all I’ve heard since, except from liars.)

Photography is different. Everyone can do it, most of us do. Almost all photography, professional and amateur, is stunning, in my opinion an equalizer like no other.

Instagram gets the credit for surprising the world with the fact that everyone is a photographer.

(Facebook owns IG. Facebook brings out the worst in people, Instagram the best.)


3. Opinion. Street Photography. If you take pictures of street people, do it the Arbus way.  See if they want to have sex with you first. Have sex if they want. If you’re not desired, turn your camera away.

I’d pay a gallery to see your self-portraits or portraits of you or of you taking pictures.

The Mona Lisa is seriously awful unless you’re standing in front of it, in a photo you took, or you are next to it, if your image takes up 80% of the frame, da Vinci 10, and 10% a shoe on the stranger next to you.

Make art, be it. Photos of your great-grandfather are evocative, beautiful.

Starry Night, no.

A photo of you at the museum, standing in front of Starry Night–wonderful. Especially with photo art made from the capture.


Self-photography and art, Jessie Carveth




Then she was Sigourney




Do these mirror self-portraits at least once a week. There are spies on the internet searching for your images. Indulge them, the poor guys and addled women.











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