The Street Scowl



All photography and art by Jessie Carveth 


When I became aware of the street scowl


Triangles everywhere65t.jpg

Keep them tiny, at a distance. Don’t be intrusive.5677.jpg

Isosceles DD4865A7-BCB4-47E5-816E-96B0075D4CCD.jpeg


Rue du Cardinal-Lemoine47777.jpg


Bus driverb66


Triangle048333.jpgCanon, mirrorless, phone




These were taken so long ago I didn’t know I even liked photography, and post-process wasn’t democratized yet.

So long ago I didn’t realize how entitled “street” photographers can be.


It didn’t occur to us then that we hadn’t been invited by strangers to snap their picture. It is an intriguing presumption, a trait common to both professional photographers and the tourists they have contempt for. Pro or tourist, most imagine it’s okay to stick a camera in strangers’ faces and call it “street”.

Taking pictures without offering sex?

Diane Arbus asked first for desire,  photos second, in my opinion the proper etiquette for staring into a stranger’s face to get a picture.



All photo and edit, Jessie Carveth, 2017


Questions about Paris, photography, digital editing, how to avoid experts?









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