Photography and edit: Thumbnails, samples, various styles

Welcome to Continuing Beta, Version IV.

Here is an assortment of new and old and

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-Hand me a can of John Lennon, please.


-Have any unfiltered?


All photo and edit, Jessie Carveth, 2017



One of the lessons learned from two years on Instagram is that the photo art of her own, what she liked most was never the same as the versions others liked.

An interviewer made a side remark. He said, “I like some of your edits more than others”.

“Exactly”, she responded. “I show them all, because the ones you don’t like will be liked by others and vice versa. Hedge your bets, Jack.”

It became important to fight the assumption that a choice should necessarily be made. Carveth stopped sifting and began showing multiple variations of one initial capture.

She began to question the meaning of “unfiltered”. More on this




All photo and edit :




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