You bring the ketamine, I’ll bring Elon. A poem.

Welcome back to Secret, California 

In days gone by (the ‘90’s), the internet hadn’t yet completely surrendered to devious, fake social media designed to generate ad revenue and asexuality.


The Last to Look

This page is built of cookies, bots, and bitcoin, abandoned

vaginas bought for a steal from today’s 22-year-old black

and white girls with mothers who passed on to their daughters the mantle of

officious normopathy

disguised as altruism.


If you’re here they didn’t get you.

If you see this page, mirada fuerte.

Meet up in Atlantic City June 26. Buy Boardwalk and Park Place. Buy

Pennsylvania R.R. Slip the receipts to Elon Musk, bring your posture to the


—     —

One is hard. One is wet. Both fierce, almost dead.

We will IV Vanderpump rosé mixed with opium and proceed.

We are the last priests in the Temple of Solomon.


Back in time one is wet. One is hard.

J. 2018


Locale 3, Secret



















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