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“Making fake biography, false history, concocting a half-imaginary existence out of the actual drama of my life is my life. There has to be some pleasure in this life, and that’s it.” —Philip Roth



PATuses the camera to capture images which are then transformed into something like art through digital processing.

Photo artists capture to disrupt.


The Paris Review, in an interview with photographer Mark Yankus, described his process as “creating the effect through digital means“.

In contrast, the work of document photography is done before, not after, the capture–the best equipment, setting up tripod, reliance on the right background, waiting for the right natural light, intricate angled lenses, aperture considerations, etc.

Either way, photography is like art. It’s artish.


(More notes on contemporary photography at links below)


What is variations photography?

1.  multiple images created from one capture and

2.  displayed together

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It took us by surprise. We didn’t see it coming. Everyone in the world was handed the equipment and (literally) the skill to make document and art photography. 

Because so many are kids, they have no idea that their impressive photos and photo art have just about put an end to the wish of renowned and professional photographers.

The wish is/was about talent, as follows:

1. Talent or training is required to be a photographer and 2. Taking or making a beautiful photo places the camera technician at a skill level equal to that required in the visual arts such as painting and sculpture.

To begin with, there is no button on a paintbrush.


What to expect here 

(intern Rita Dougherty )
RitaReimagining. Delicate refashioning, modifications, page transformations. Color, color, corrections, and all kinds of trash. Rough copy, unfinished images. Duplicates and triplicates, saturation.

The worst kind of writing–rushed, repetitious, and hyperbolic.

And stories.

Nothing is set.  Content, identity, stories, syntax, facts, fonts, clipart, profile pics, false disclosures, opinions, all altered, all the time, based on which house the moon is in.

A new page is new, again and again without end. Inevitably, Carveth will pull the whole site and we’ll be out of work. Jessie was doing pop-ups in the 80’s and never stopped.

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(Speaking of fonts, we suspect this is a site to display the fonts Carveth is collecting. She’s been spending way too much time at dafont. Having grown up with a raconteur typesetter, she feels affection for font people. The pictures and gibberish commentary here, are they a front, something to hang fonts on?)fl


Her, here

“Choice isn’t a burden. It is optimistic urgency.” 

Jessie Carveth is at this site about five full days a month. She fixes mistakes, if they can be fixed, fast—on machines and in the world.

The staff binge-tweaks, driving formerly compact pages into oblivion, wearing down the apparatus of WordPress business lingo designed to redirect to advertisers (“history”, “analytics”, “options”, stats and tags, more options, “categories”), callous intrusion into the construction and presentation of paid websites.

As we upload, revise, upload, Carveth fact-checks claims made by photographers who, absent professional consensus, legitimize or disparage photography technique willy-nilly. Their pronouncements are now reluctant responses to the interest,  popularity, and ever-improving technology of phone cameras. Who in the Basel/artforum crowd is showing up on Instagram. Who has surrendered to color.

Is it a coincidence that William Eggleston has resurfaced?


Check this out.

Journalist Janet Malcolm wrote about a group of famous photographers who sensed long ago the future of professional photography and came up with desperate, not so smart, doomed attempts (mentioned often in this site), to maintain an elite class of photographers.





From above, red townctyrec


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More on the difference between photo art and document photography



Unnecessary variations on a small idea



Professional and acclaimed photographers 

search for relevance!martin_parr_bored_couples-372x298-370x295Photo, Martin Parr



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Photo credit: Nick Goldberg