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“Making fake biography, false history, concocting a half-imaginary existence out of the actual drama of my life is my life. There has to be some pleasure in this life, and that’s it.” —Philip Roth



uses the camera to capture images which are then transformed into something like art through digital processing.

Photo artists capture to disrupt




1. How difficult is it to learn photo retouching? It’s not. Anyone can do it. Jessie Carveth’s definition of “art” (based on nothing) is this: art is something not everyone can do well.

Photography, today, and digital processing today provides the equipment for anyone to be a good photographer. Everyone can do it well.

2. The Paris Review, in an interview with photographer Mark Yankus, described his process as creating the effect through digital means.

In contrast, the work of document photography is done before the capture–the best equipment, setting up tripod, reliance on the right background, waiting for the right light, intricate, angled lenses, aperture considerations, etc.

Either way, photography is like. Like art. Artish.


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What to expect here?

Altered images. Photo art, image manipulation.

Variations of original captures displayed together.

Old photos refashioned.

Sometimes artishtic. Like watercolor, like illustration. Ex.:arrowslant


-Color, relentless. (We would say it’s similar to Delacroix except that in photography a machine gets the image, and another machine saturates it.)

-New names for image editing, grabbed from the internet.

-Font collecting

-Variations photography

1.  multiple images created from one capture and

2.  displayed together

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-Writing — rushed, repetitious, and hyperbolic.

-Nothing is set.  Content, identity, vocabulary, opinions, syntax, facts, fonts, clipart, profile pics, false disclosures, change constantly.

Thumbnails are scattered around, software debris. Tap them to enlarge. 

No copyright. She doesn’t care what’s stolen, screenshot, saved, renamed. Grab it, call it yours, whatever. Everything lives on external hard drive. And the internet dark age is approaching. Steal and print.

The platform/webhost practice of announcing each new page, no consent requested, is not only obviously wrong, but nutty. Jessie’s “new” pages are new again without end.

Inevitably she’ll pull the plug on WordPress and we will be out of work.

Maybe she’ll take us to YouTube, maybe not. Jessie has been temporary online since the 90’s.

Her, here42D21EBE-F62F-4ED1-ACB0-4AD2F9F8C30D

Choice isn’t a burden. It is optimistic urgency.

She is at this site about five full days a month. Mistakes are fixed fast, if they can be, on machines and away from machines

The staff binge-tweaks, driving formerly compact pages into oblivion, wearing down the apparatus of wordpress business lingo designed to redirect to advertisers (“history”, “analytics”, “options”, stats and tags, more options, “categories”), callous intrusion into the construction and presentation of paid websites including the theft of vast libraries of images.

As we upload (“update”), revise, upload, Carveth researches what influences the opinions of professional photographers in this phone camera era. Absent any expert consensus, they legitimize or disparage photography willy-nilly.

How are they responding to the interest, skill level (high), huge, boundless public posting, and ever-improving technology of phone cameras and social media?

Who in the Basel/artforum crowd is showing up on Instagram?

Who has surrendered to color? Who did post-capture for the first time?

Is it a coincidence that William Eggleston has resurfaced?

Check this out. Journalist Janet Malcolm wrote about a group of famous photographers who sensed long ago the future of professional photography and came up with desperate, not so smart, doomed attempts (mentioned often in this site), to maintain an elite class of photographers.

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New York, three seasons IM597



More on the difference between photo art and document photographyIMG-9225


The Variations Suite


Professional and acclaimed photographers search for relevancemartin_parr_bored_couples-372x298-370x295Photo, Martin Parr







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